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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Know how to start a vending machine business

Vending is no doubt a very simple and highly profitable business option if and only if you know how to operate it. Even though most of us have the desire of starting our own vending business, most of the time we hesitate to go any further due to lack of proper guidance. In such situation this article would be of great assistance to you.

An operator has two options when it comes to setting up a vending machine business. You can start this business either by purchasing and existing vending route or start from the scratch on your own. Even though vending is a profitable business, just like other business models, success is not guaranteed. In fact you cannot predict the amount of revenue you would be able to generate from this business.

Just like any other business, success or failure of vending depends on the location in which you have installed the machine, on the kind of machine you have purchased, the type of product you dispense, target audience and most importantly the kind and quality of customer service rendered by you. Time and again it has been proved that starting a vending machine business on your own is always advisable as operator has complete control over every single decision he/she makes.

It is mandatory that every operator intending to start Planet Antares vending machine business needs to conduct thorough market research. This would help you familiarise with lot of issues that directly or indirectly influence the success of your business. Operators also need to understand the rules and regulations governing vending operations in that particular state. You also need to obtain a license and maintain proper records of all financial transactions for tax purpose. If you have hired a vending location, you would also need to pay some commission to the owner out of total profits generated by you.

You also need to have clarity about the products you would like to sell in your vending machine. There is no point in investing money on a machine that will not generate any profits. If you are a novice in this industry then start with a product that can sell well in all kinds of locations. This can reduce the risk involved in the business.

These things if kept in mind can make your entire journey smooth and hassle free.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Starting A Planet Antares Vending Machine Business

All of us aspire to run our own business and become masters of our own destiny. If you are thinking in the similar manner, vending business is perfect for you. This is a very profitable business venture that can make you financially independent within a sort span of time.

There are several advertisements and false promises given by manufacturers trying to mislead you. A successful vending machine operator needs to act smart and should not fall prey to these misguiding ads. There are hundreds of models of vending machines available in the market. Choosing one among them is quite challenging. Hence it is imperative for the operator to conduct a thorough market research.

Market research is mandatory for any business. This research would empower operator with information like present market scenario, scope for new entrants, latest products, customer tastes and preferences and products with maximum demand that is crucial for success of your business.

Once you understand what customers are looking for, you can decide on the product you would like to vend depending on your target audience. If you are targeting kids, then choose products like chocolates, ice creams, pizzas, plastic toys etc that can draw attention of kids.

After you have identified the product you would like to vend, decide on the kind of machine you would like to use. These days a variety of machines are available in the market which are capable of vending more than two products at a time. So, depending upon you requirement, you can select the machine.

Your next move would be to stock them with sufficient quantity of products and install them in a location that includes maximum number of target customers. Location is one of the major factors that determine the success of your business. So, make sure you find a location that has maximum customer traffic.

If in any case you are unable to identify the most potential location for your Planet Antares machine all by your self, then you can take the help of a placement company. These aspects if borne in mind can make your business a huge success.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to Start a Planet Antares Vending Business

Now that you have decided to start your own vending business, the first issue that arises is purchase of a vending machine. This is a very important issue as it can make or break your business. There is always certain amount of dilemma in the minds of people taking up this business for the first time. What kind of machine should I purchase? Which is the best place for purchasing a vending machine? Should I go for a new or a used vending machine? These and many other questions keep haunting entrepreneurs. This article is only an attempt made to answer these questions.

Unlike traditional vending machine, modern vending machines are able to dispense a whole range of products starting from gumball, snack and soda, combo, coffee, DVD and even iPod. Choosing one from among this list is quite challenging for any operators. However, several factors need to be considered for arriving at a machine that could guarantee you success.

The best way at arriving at the right kind of machine is by browsing the net and gathering information about various models available in the market and benefits associated with them. One more thing which operators need to consider before purchasing any vending machine is the product you would like to dispense in this machine. This is essential since the choice of the machine you purchase also depends on the product you offer.

Operators should always remember that different vending machines are capable of dispensing different products and different products sell well in different locations. So before finalising on the vending machine, you need to have clarity on the kind of product you would like to dispense in them and the potential location for placing your machine.

Your scale of operation or size of business also influences the kind of machine you need to purchase. If you are taking up this business for the first time, it is always advisable to start with small and simple vending machines. On the other hand if you are an existing operator in quest of expansion then you can go ahead with complicated machines that come with latest features.

These simple facts need to be considered while taking up a vending business. For more information get in touch with Planet Antares staff.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Planet Antares Vending Business

Vending is not only profitable but interesting business too. In this busy lifestyle people hardly have any time for themselves. So they are in quest for fast and instant methods to fulfil their needs. Vending is one such method that satisfies customer needs by offering products and services of their choice at the click of a button.

Apart from this vending is the only business model that does not ask for specific technical skills or knowledge. In fact anyone irrespective of his age and qualification can take up this business. The initial investment required for establishing this business is also quite low when compared to most other business models. Moreover this business does not require exclusive floor space and can even be operated from the convenience of your residence.

Some of the advantages of taking up this business are:

• Cost: The cost of starting a vending business is low when compared to any other businesses. This business does not require huge floor area, manpower and maintenance costs are also very low.

• Cash: This is a complete cash business hence there is scope of bad debts and collection issues.

• Flexibility: This business offers flexibility in terms of working hours. You can take up this business either in a full time or part time basis while still continuing with your routine job.

• Round the clock services: Unlike other businesses, vending is not bound by restricted working hours. Operators can offer their services round the clock.

• Round the year: There is no specific season and off season for vending business. The product you vend has demand throughout the year.

• Inventory: You need not maintain huge stocks of inventory in ware houses. This business can be run by maintaining minimal level of inventory.

• Easy business: Planet Antares vending is a very simple and easy business that does not required any expertise or specific skills. Anyone can run this business.

• Wide open market: There are no boundaries within which you need to operate. The market is huge and wide open for everyone.

• Branded products: Branded products that have national and international recognition are vended using these machines.

• Tax exemption: Like other businesses, operators can enjoy tax exemption while operating vending business.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Right Kind of Vending Machine – Planet Antares

The success of vending business is influenced by several factors. Kind of vending machine purchased also has a major role to play in the success journey. Several hundreds of vending machines are available in the market. Choosing one among them is quite challenging for the operator.

Vending machines available in the market can be categorised into three kinds:

Mechanical vending machines: These machines as the name denotes do not work on electricity and at the same time these machines do not come with any automated features. However there are many benefits associated with its purchase, such as

• Easy to install.
• Generates revenue in the form of cash coins.
• Easy to haulage.
• Simple refill and repairing process.
• Zero electricity bill.

The negative aspects of this business are its poor resale value and inability to generate higher returns.

Electrical vending machines: As the name suggests, these machines require electricity to work efficiently. The problems faced in mechanical vending machines can be over come by using an electrical vending machine.

Combination vending machine: In case an operator is aiming at offering more than one product at a time, combo vending machines are appropriate. Besides being attractive and easy to operate, this machine also has larger storage capacity and can also generate higher revenue.

In case you are new to this industry, it is always better to start on a small scale. Instead of going for high end models, operators should try using simple machines from Planet Antares. The main benefit with them is that they not only cost less but can also be operated and maintained easily. Before concluding, we would once again like to reiterate that the selection of vending machine is influenced by several factors including your business objectives, scale of operation and financial limitations. Hence operator needs to keep these things in mind while choosing the right vending machine.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Reasons behind Growing Popularity of Planet Antares Vending business

There are very few business models that are as attractive and beneficial as a vending business. Although vending has been in existence for quite sometime, it has gained tremendous popularity in the past few years. The main reason behind this is drastic changes in life styles of people.

Modern customers hardly have any time for themselves. Hence they look for quick, easy and instant services. Vending has been able to fulfil all these requirements. Hence it has become almost a part of their life. Nowadays you find vending machines across the globe. But these machines are huge success in US when compared to the rest of the world.

What makes Planet Antares vending so popular?

• Planet Antares Vending is ideal home based business. If you are looking at additional source of income to support your family of main source to maintain yourself, vending is ideal.

• This business does not need hype and huge investment. These machines are available in all price ranges and can be installed even at your home.

• This is one of the very few businesses that allow you to reap returns right from the time you install your machine and fill it with sufficient amount of stock.

• There are very few other business opportunities that are all cash. Since vending is a hundred percent cash business, you need not worry about bad debts or other collection issues.

• There may be time limitations or restricted working hours for other businesses. Even in your absence, these machines provide services 24/7 without taking any breaks.

• All of us take up business with the sole aim of making money. When it comes to profit margins, vending business allows you to enjoy high return.

• Tax exemption is applicable to vending business also. If you fall in the 20%-30% tax bracket, then you have great chances of increasing your profits.

I am sure after going through these benefits; even you would be lured towards starting your own vending business.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Various Types of Vending Machines

Vending is perhaps the only business that gained popularity both among customers and operators. Busy and hectic lifestyles have forced customers to switch to vending machine. This has resulted in more number of operators take up this business. As a result competition in this industry is getting tougher and tougher.

If you are an enthusiastic entrepreneur looking to take up Vending business, you have a wide selection to choose from. Various kinds of vending machines are available in the market. Some of them run on electricity while others run using mechanical power. All these machines come in various shapes, sizes, colors and prices.

Although several models of vending machines are existent in the market, the first thing that strikes our mind when we talk of vending is soda and snack machines from Planet Antares. These machines are quite popular among schools, colleges, hospitals, bus stations and airports. However, the oldest form of vending machines is gumball vending machine while candy machines are the most popular form of automatic vending machine.

Another kind of vending machine that is most commonly used is the carousel vending machine that is exclusively used for vending food products. Coffee machines are also quite famous and these are generally powered by electric outlets. If you want to vend two products at a time, combination vending machines are also available. The look of and design of vending machine is based on your target audience. For instance: if your intention is to attract children, sticker vending machines are ideal. These usually vend products related to children. The other machine that can help in increasing sales is the capsule vending machine. Alcoholic beverages are sold using these machines.

Popcorn vending machines are also quite popular among children and youngsters. These machines are seen occasionally during fairs and carnivals. Latest technology has helped vending operators in selling almost all products using vending machines. Modern vending machines are even capable of dispensing products like CD’s, DVD’s, Computer games, stamps and cameras. So, it is up to the operator to decide which product he would like to offer in his machine.

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